Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Want Food - Kasha and veggie burgers!

So as is often the case when Daniel is out of town, I fall into a pattern of repetitive eating.

The theme of this week -kasha and veggie burgers! All mixed up!

When you think about it, in spite of its roots in the shtetl, kasha is basically a health food - with all the fibrous goodness that whole grains have to offer. When combined with a MorningStar veggie pattie, it's a meal deserving of some sort of gold medal of virtue.

Here's the recipe (mainly based on the recipe for plain kasha on the back of the Wolff's box:
-bring 2 cups of chicken broth to a boil
-meanwhile, lightly whisk one egg white, pour in one cup dry kasha to coat
-in a sauce pan, sautee up the kasha until it separates (about three minutes)
-add the boiling broth, cover tightly and reduce heat to low until kasha absorbs the liquid (about 7 minutes or so)
-meanwhile, grill up the veggie burger (I used my lovely grill pan)
-cut it up and add it to the kasha (add whatever sauce you like - I've been enjoying Chinese brown sauce)

(today for a change, I cut up some onions and some deli turkey, sauteed that and threw it into the kasha, I'm having it for lunch, so we'll wait and see how it is...)

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