Friday, January 25, 2008

The Bread Project - multi-grain with flax, sesame and poppy seeds and Pear Bran

So I've taken on a little self-education project - I'm teaching myself to make bread. The curriculum involves baking two loaves a week. A traditional yeast bread on the weekends and a quick bread during the week. (okay I'll admit the second part is really just an excuse to bake some sort of cake-like product once a week, but I am using a lot of whole grains...) Before this blog began my experiments included whole grain loaf, Mark Bittman's no-knead, Irish brown bread, cranberry nut bread, and oatmeal applesauce breakfast bread.

This last weekend, I tried a recipe I found on Epicurious - a multi-grain with flax, sesame, and poppy seeds. Daniel wanted a good bread for sandwiches, so this is what I came up with. It was meant to have 7 grains, but I could only find five. I like the bread okay, although it's not as flavorful as I'd hoped. But toasted with a little jam or hummus, it's pretty darn good.

Just made the sweet bread last night - a pear and bran bread from the King Arthur flour website, which I've discovered recently and is my new best friend. I was skeptical of the pear bran after tasting the batter before baking - very molassesy. But I cut a little slice this morning as a kind of a pre-breakfast, and it's quite nice. Very healthy tasting.

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