Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Bread Project - whole wheat "focaccio"

Well I wasn't going to make any bread this weekend because I am studying my tuchus off for these upcoming California state teaching exams. I ask you, is it really necessary to be able to talk in great detail about pragmatics when teaching sixth grade English? And when is the last time a fifth grade teacher made use of organic chemistry? I know, I know, subject mastery is important, and really I'm just angry at myself for not having started studying earlier. But I digress.

I had thought about doing a quick bread over the weekend and had been eying the walnut honey bread in Tassajara, but then I saw this foccacio. It seemed quick and easy, and I had the ingredients, so I decided to keep with tradition and make a good weekend yeast bread.

I was pleased with the results. They are good and soft with a nice crust, and Daniel says they make for a good sandwich roll. The next time I may add a bit more sage and salt than the recipe calls for, and perhaps I'll roll them out a bit thinner. My only real question is what on earth do these lovely dinner rolls have to do with Italian focaccio? I have no idea...

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