Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fast Food - I Like Ikes

So the big news. We moved to San Francisco about a month ago. I couldn't handle living in the suburbs any longer. So it's been a whole new world of restaurants to explore. One of our favorites is a sandwich joint near our place called Ikes. They're only open during the day, so it's weekends only for me and my buddy Ike, but the sandwiches are so huge that they basically keep me full all week anyway.

Everything I've had so far there has been amazing - the Not so Sloppy Ike

Which is a vegan sloppy joe. I get it with avocado and jalapeno.

Other favorites include the various shredded chicken breast sandwiches, turkey burger, and salmon burger. Daniel always gets them with dirty sauce, a mayonnaise based sauce for which Ike's is famous. I of course can't handle the mayonnaise, but the sandwiches stand up just fine without it. They all come on freshly baked bread and are literally the yummiest sandwiches I've ever had. If it weren't already 6:00, I'd order one right now.

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