Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Some blogs I like

A few years ago, I asked my friend Ben (of the aforementioned Shanghai Cafe outing) to give me a list of blogs to read. He is an exert on all things blogosphere as he is the editorial director of a group called The Institute of the Future of the Book. At the time I really didn't get the whole blogging thing. Why would I want to read the ramblings of some stranger? (this is the point where if this blog were to be reviewed, the reviewer would quote me to point out my own lack of self-awareness, and point taken, nonexistent reviewer, why would anyone want to read what I have to say?)

Anyway, Ben gave me a list and I tried to get into the blogs he suggested, but to no avail. They were not my thing. I prefer my news from traditional news sources and I wasn't interested in the latest media technology (although I really appreciated his help.) It wasn't until I discovered the myriad food blogs available that I really started to understand the form. (full disclosure, prior to this I did become obsessed with a blog detailing the life of a medical resident. I do love reading about doctors - it's the hypochondriac in me.)

But when I discovered the food blog universe, I was hooked. Here were people, experts and dilettantes, talking about what I spent a good part of my day thinking about. I've gotten advice from these people on where to eat and what to cook; I've taken inspiration in their words about sustainable farming and responsible food consumerism; and most of all I've salivated from their descriptions of general yumminess.

Here's a list of some favorite web sources of food excitement. Some are blogs, some are more traditional websites. (I know I could make a list of links on the side of this page, but to me that seems to imply friendship or affiliation, and I don't want to be presumptuous)
  • Chowhound (this is where I spend the most time, reading and commenting about food in Manhattan, the Outer Borroughs, and anywhere I travel - recently almost a hundred comments were generated by a question I posted regarding where to eat on an upcoming trip to the Bay Area. I love this board! Also good stuff about homecooking)
  • Epicurious (old recipe source standby)
  • Bitten (recent addition, Mark Bittman, of the Minimalist fame, whom I love, recipes and general thoughts about food)
  • Eater (good updates on what's going on in the restaurant scene in NYC)
  • Diner's Journal (because I can't get enough of Frank Bruni in his weekly NYT reviews)
  • Eating in Translation (just really good stuff on far flung food in NY)
  • Eat for Victory (the Village Voice food blog; also Sietsema's Counter Culture column at the Voice, he really is my go to source on what restaurants I have to try)
Anyway, there are others. Many others. Too many to list here. Perhaps there will be a Blogs I like Part Deux. We shall see.

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