Monday, June 16, 2008

The Polish Palate

Okay, if I don't finish up talking about Poland I'm going to go crazy. So here's one final post on our trip. Fine writing and good organization be damned...

In Krakow, one of our favorite places was this student hangout, where for very cheap, you got to choose either four or six salads and/or hot dishes from a buffet (plus you got unlimited bread! Just like the Olive Garden!). Some of the salads were too mayonaisey for my taste, but the discerning palate could find some good options. Although most Poles seemed to go for the four combo plate, Daniel and I always went for six each. We are greedy Americans after all...

There was a soup festival in Krakow, which of course we missed. As has been mentioned, I love soup, so I was sad to miss the festivities, but I did snag one these handsome posters for our new kitchen.

My breakfast the morning after a bad migraine forced me to subsist on salty sticks alone.

Daniel's big old plate of herring.

My big old plate of kasha.

A big old plate of pig lard. I am not a wimp. I tried it. Then I spit it out in my napkin.

Daniel's enormous zakoplanki. Basically a French bread pizza. Very popular with the Krakow drunken hipster. Daniel chose one covered in corn, cheese, and red barbecue sauce. Daniel soon himself was covered in corn, cheese, and red barbecue sauce.

The best lamb consumed in Poland.

{This picture won't load. I'm impatient, so I'll try to add it again later. But the gist is it's Daniel with a big lamb bone...}
He who consumed the lamb.

This bonkers contraption is full to the brim with sauerkraut. There is so much sauerkraut that this man must stand on a chair to stir it.

Just a couple of Poles out for a walk in the country side. Dziękuję Poland!

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