Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where the Buffalo Roam...

When I was a kid I thought the old song went "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the envelope play..."

So clearly, I am probably not a cowgirl at heart. But that didn't stop Daniel and me from attending a real live rodeo last week while we were staying in Keystone in the Rocky Mountains. This being a mountain resort town, the rodeo itself was probably not the most impressive display of cowboy-manship ever (the participants had a lot of trouble roping the tiniest bulls I've ever seen) However, I think we did manage to get a taste of what rodeo life is all about.

And of course I mean "taste" literally. I had some lovely grilled corn on the cob with good crunchy charred bits. But in an unusual turn of events, I wasn't that hungry, so I relied on Daniel to do the real sampling.

For his first round, he went for a meat and two. He gobbled up this amazing barbecue turkey sandwich complete with white barbecue sauce and cole slaw. I had a wee bite and it was very good despite the mayonnaise-based sauce.

For his sides, he went for a hearty looking, southern style mac and cheese and some delicious looking grilled cornbread.

Sated, we headed into the rodeo to watch several events, including something called mutton bustin' in which children under the age of four "ride" large sheep, bucking bronco style. The toddler who stays on the longest wins.

The winner in this round clung to the sheep for a full five seconds. Again revealing my city slicker nature, I was horrified.

Having worked up an appetite comforting his appalled girlfriend, Daniel went back for another round, taking advantage of the presence of non-porcine ribs.

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