Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bread Project - Parmesan Pull-Aparts

We had our buddy Scott and his lady friend over for dinner on Saturday, and although I didn't end up getting the key lime cheesecake made that I'd been planning on (settled on Pear Brown Betty), I did get some rolls made - Parmesan Pull-Aparts to be exact.

The recipe from Gourmet, promised that they would be brioche-like "rich and tender" with a "gorgeous brown crust" but without the labor-intensive madness of brioche. On the non-labor intensive front, Gourmet was right. Although they were work out for my hand-held mixer and my Cuisine-Art (oh Lord, I need a stand-up mixer), they only required two short rises and no kneading. They rolled up nicely and looked cute all squished up in the pan.

They smelledd heavenly coming out of the oven, and I think compared to many of my baked goods, they looked pretty pretty too.

And as promised, they pulled apart with aplomb. The taste though, was a little eh. Not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but nothing to write home about. In their defense, my timing was a little off, so they had cooled considerably by the time we ate, but even warmed in the oven the next day they were still a little bland. But, I have my mother's brioche tins, and I'm not afraid of hard work, so next time, I'll make the real thing...

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