Monday, January 26, 2009

Fast Food - Sultan Indian Buffet

In honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, Daniel and I decided to express our love of a buffet - an Indian buffet to be exact.

Although there are many options about town, we'd heard good things about Sultan, and so after a morning of building up a big appetite working at Daniel's favorite coffee shop, we headed off.

The place was relatively empty, but the buffet bar was full of all the standards - tandori chicken, aloo gobi, various kinds of dal, etc. So we filled our plates with as many options as we could and went to work.

The verdict: didn't love either of the meat dishes we tried - tandori chicken was a little too chewy and the lamb a little too gristly, but the vegetarian stuff was quite nice - especially a lovely cabbage dish, whose name I can't remember. I also really liked the rice patty (that big white disk pictured above). Apprarently, they make an excellent okra masala, but that wasn't available the afternoon we were there. Oh well.

For dessert, I tried "Indian noodles with butter." They were just that - Indian noodles with (LOTS) of butter. One bite was sufficient, but it was a good bite.

Overall, Sultan was nothing thrilling, but when it comes to large amounts of pretty good Indian food, frankly, what's not to like...

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