Saturday, April 26, 2008

At the crossroads of Passover and moving

Keeping kosher for Passover is difficult enough in a normal year. But when you are in the midst of moving and thus all of your cooking utensiles are packed away AND when you want to be eating all of the goodness that New York has to offer before you turn your nose up at her culinary largesse, then following the rules is particularly hard.

But we have been dutiful, and very creative (well creative once and then extremely repetitive.) Our meals this week have consisted of primarily Passover rolls with chicken salad (Daniel) or matzoh with turkey (me) for lunch. And then for dinner take-out Chinese, Thai, or Peruvian served with matzoh farfel in place of rice. I like to think of it as fusion...

Except that from each restaurant, our choices are very limited due to the eating restrictions, so I've basically subsisted on some sort of chicken, steamed vegetables, and the farfel all week. Sometimes when it's Thai there's a little papaya salad on the side. Very exciting. To keep things interesting I've been pouring sriracha on everything.

Because I missed baking so much, I decided to make use of a box of Passover cake mix that we had sitting in our cupboard from last year. Of course, all of our baking accoutrement were packed, so I improvised, and used an enormous Corning Ware. I decided to add all of the chocolate we had still in the house, so I threw in some leftover bittersweet chocolate morsels, I cut up a half a dark chocolate bar that had been sitting in the freezer, and disassembled some truffles to keep things interesting. Then I swirled in some dulce de leche syrup. The results - well, I get points for trying. Definitely not for aesthetics...

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