Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My old friend the Upper West Side

Had the chance to walk around the Upper West Side yesterday. Lord, am I going to miss this city. Lots of memories. Couldn't help but thinking of what life was like when Daniel and Eric lived up there. Daniel and I always reminisce about our diets that year - spicy Cheese Nips, Top Ramen, hummus and challah, grape gingerale, and lots and lots of Ben and Jerry's. Boy things have changed.

The incomparable Zabars

Stopped at H&H and got an everything bagel for Daniel. H&H is not my favorite, but he really loves them. He ate half of it for breakfast this morning with some Laughing Cow and sliced tomato. Very restrained, and he seemed satisfied.

Cross another one off my list of foods that I have to eat before leaving the city - giant chocolate chip and walnut cookie from Levain Bakery on 74th Street. They're famous for their ooey, gooey scone size cookies. I'd been dying to try one for ages. I was going to take the whole thing home to share with Daniel, but then when I bought this, it was warm. So there was no question. I ate my half then and there. It was everything that was wonderful about a chocolate chip cookie. I'm in love.

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