Monday, April 14, 2008

Just wait until there are bake sales to bake for!

This picture reminds me of those print ads that make big pieces of top sirloin look like landscapes. But this is no rich mulching soil. These are brownies. (With broken up pieces of Reeses peanut butter cups hidden inside! - clearly, Daniel's suggestion.)

Made with the Baker's chocolate one bowl brownie recipe, which I've been making since I was nine years old. It's a never fail. Daniel had a picnic to attend on Sunday, so of course, I HAD to bake something. Looking into the future, I can see myself getting a little fanatical when school bake sales come along. I'm going to be that crazy mother who arrives with brownies, cakes, and cookies (and blondies and lemon bars and sweet bread and pies). I will be an embarrassment to all who know me.

** I included this picture because I found it very funny that on being asked to photograph the brownies, Daniel, for effect, put the Tupperware inside of our planter of dead basil. Very artful indeed.

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