Monday, March 9, 2009

The Bread Project - What could be sweeta than a pita?

So one of the many things I miss about my beloved New York is the Middle Eastern food. Oh the hummus (Damascus Bakery.) Oh the shawarma (Zaytoons.) Oh the lentil soup (also Zaytoons.) Oh the pita. (for Daniel Damascus, for me Hummus Place.) Out here they mysteriously call all Middle Eastern food "Mediterranean," which seems to be a euphemism for not that good. (Just to clarify, I know that much Mediterranean food is delicious, just not in this context...)

So, when Daniel was in NYC for a couple of weeks, I had him bring me back whole wheat pita from Hummus Place, which being a mensch, he did in spades. And so I just finished my last bite of hearty, nutty pita goodness last week. My pita needs had been whet, and nothing was fitting the bill, so where was a girl to turn? To her own crafty resources.

I found a recipe on Epicurious that had gotten good reviews, and so yesterday while plowing through my enormous load of end of quarter homework, I began my quest for the perfect whole wheat pita.

While the recipe required several rises, the cooking time itself was a mere 3 minutes, directly on the oven rack (which you see above left an impression), and the kneading wasn't too bad or intensive. A pretty easy afternoon yeast bread. Here's the process...

The pitas all shaped, waiting for their final rise

In the 500 degree oven, now slightly mis-shapen from the trip from pan to oven

One beautifully puffed-up pita

Tuna sandwich with warm fresh pita

The verdict: These were good, and who can argue with fresh, homemade bread? They were not as heartily whole wheat as I would have liked, so I might up the whole wheat to bread flour ratio next time. And I would add a bit more salt and honey. But I will definitely make them again, and if anyone has a good pita recipe, send it my way. I've got a fierce pita hankering.

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Anonymous said...

I made pita once. It wasn't whole wheat but it was good. I don't remeber where I got the recipe.