Friday, March 13, 2009

A milliner of sorts - hamantaschen

An email sent to Daniel earlier this week
(with supplemental pictures...)

hi baby-
just wanted to fill you in on the information about our cookies.

1) there is a big tupperware full of poppy seed filled ones on the counter...

2) there is a baggy of 4 experimental chocolate peanut butter ones also on the counter...

3) also on the counter is a small baggy with some mess ups.

4) in the fridge, there is a final tupperware. it is full of what became of the fig paste ones. it turns out that the fig paste was too soft, so those hamantaschen would not hold together no matter how hard i pinched the corners of those hats.

SO i made them into fig and cheese sandwich cookies. they are quite delicious, if i do say so myself. they remind me a bit of our favorite date bars. in fact, i think with this cookie recipe, i could try my hand at making the beloved date bars...

anyway, we should figure out who to give some of the pretty little poppy ones to because they are quite nice.

also the dishwasher is full of CLEAN dishes, but the sink is full of dirty ones.

i love you.

And with that I went to bed.

A final note - they really were very, very good. I used the Joan Nathan recipe for the dough (adding in a touch of orange juice).

The poppy filling was poppy seeds, milk, honey, dried dates, and walnuts, heated over the stove until it got thick. A balabusta is indeed what I am.

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